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Software User Interface view of AI Watch

We provide your healthcare system with quality assurance for clinical AI products. Governance best practices and risk frameworks call for continuous surveillance and performance monitoring of AI deployed in the clinic. 

Keep watch on your deployed AI applications with targeted insights on their usage and performance on our all-in-one dashboard and reporting services. We monitor and analyze input data, algorithm outputs, and utilization and provide you with summary data, insights   and alerts.

AI Watch

How It Works

Orientation is an inventory and assessment of homegrown and purchased AI tools and platforms.



Data Input and workflow analysis to develop and approve deployment and monitoring plans.


Determine appropriate DICOM connection interface with data.


Reporting begins after monitoring is initiated.

Service Options

Always-on Monitoring

  • For healthcare systems that want to monitor and analyze input data, algorithms outputs, and utilization as part of their governance strategy to reduce risk and provide value proposition insights.

  • For healthcare systems that want an independent snap-shot and short review of an already deployed AI models performance, drift and utilization.


  • When an issue with an AI product is found, we have the insights to work with your AI vendor to correct issues and support algorithm remediation.

Algorithm Remediation

Quality Assurance for Clinical AI

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