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Software User Interface view of AI Select

With dedicated research, our AI Select service allows you to select the best AI technology for you.

With AI Select, reduce risk and provide due diligence to support AI purchase decisions before deployment. 


Provide data to oversight boards and clinicians to choose the correct AI product to better serve your healthcare population and clinical needs.

AI Select

How It Works

We review, translate, and refine requirements for your existing tools and platforms.



We narrow AI vendor options, review this shortlist with your internal team, and generate  pre-deployment demos.


We curate local or external “golden” benchmark datasets to use in performance analysis.


We provide performance analysis of the AI vendors shortlist for you to make your final selection.

Service Options


• Comprehensive list of products and vendors that can meet the requirements and goals.

• Design and Issue RFP or manage informal solicitation for information and demonstrations for management.

• Assessing your high-priority needs and business objectives that can be met with clinical AI platforms and tools.

• Solidify specific, measurable goals that are attainable and relevant.

• Verify cloud, data

strategy and current and future infrastructure capabilities.


• Narrow down and provide performance analysis final short list of comparative algorithms.

• Identify workflow and deployment concerns and provide a cost analysis to selection committee team for final selection.



Interested in learning more?

Contact us for an initial consultation.

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