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Asher Informatics PBC Awarded DEI and AI Innovation Award

Updated: Jun 25

The National Institute of Rural & Minority Health and The American Association of Nurse Attorneys Recognize SDOH-Focused leaders in the Age of AI

(Pittsburgh, PA, June 24, 2024) — Asher Informatics is honored to announce that it has been awarded the prestigious DEI and AI Innovation Award by the National Institute for Rural and Minority Health and The American Association of Nurse Attorneys. This accolade recognizes Asher Informatics' significant contributions to national healthcare through its advanced medical AI monitoring and equity performance audit capabilities, their comprehensive community engagement, and unwavering commitment to outreach and accessibility.


The DEI and AI Innovation Award is presented to organizations that demonstrate an exceptional impact on healthcare through innovative solutions that support SDOH and equity in the Age of AI, with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Asher Informatics has been at the forefront of developing AI-equity platform and solutions that assist all healthcare systems, even the most limited-resourced and rural communities identify, evaluate and monitor the most appropriate medical AI tools specific to local patient care, streamline clinical workflows, and facilitate better health outcomes for underserved communities.

Having co-developed and designed almost a dozen medical AI algorithms for large MedTech and large academic medical centers, Asher Informatics is now working to make it easier to ensure regional, community and rural healthcare systems take advantage of today’s growing body of medical and clinical AI solutions already on the market. Through building collaborative efforts with healthcare providers, educational institutions, community leaders, and policymakers, Asher Informatics is working to implement programs that address the unique challenges faced by rural and minority populations. Its initiatives will significantly improve access to quality healthcare services, ensuring that advanced medical support is available to all, regardless of their geographic location or socioeconomic status.


"We are deeply grateful for this recognition and remain dedicated to our mission of ensuring all patients get to benefit from today’s advances in medical AI. Almost 50% of the US population receives their healthcare from a rural and community hospital and they must not be left behind in the medical AI transformation," said John F Kalafut, PhD, CTO of Asher Informatics. "This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, and it reinforces our resolve to continue breaking down barriers to meaningful AI adoption while ensuring AI works both equally and ethically on all patient populations.


Asher Informatics is a leading healthcare technology company specializing in the development of cutting-edge medical AI quality assurance solutions. With a focus on improving healthcare clinical AI accessibility and outcomes, Asher Informatics is dedicated to creating a future where advanced medical AI is within reach for every healthcare system.


About the National Institute for Rural and Minority Health:

The National Institute for Rural and Minority Health is a non-profit organization committed to improving the health and well-being of rural and minority populations through research, advocacy, and education.


About The American Association of Nurse Attorneys:

The American Association of Nurse Attorneys is a professional organization that brings together nursing and legal expertise to advocate for healthcare policy reform and the advancement of the nursing profession.


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